Building a Bridge,
between Corporates and Startups

Corporates are facing new Challenges

Many firms have to adjust their existing business models to absorb potential turnover losses. Processes have to be digitalized to be more efficient and new trends have to be adapted to keep the customers satisfied.

Startup Scouting Structure

Why do Corporates need
Startup Scouting

There are already a lot of startups out there and every day new ones are founded hence resulting in a complete overload. Most of the startups also know very well how to present themself and often "fake it before they make it".

How can corporates identify relevant startups in this sea of newly founded companies?
Once relevant startups are detected how do you filter between those who fake it and those who are corporate ready?

Many corporates are not able to do a tech or commercial due diligence inhouse and therefore are dependent on external help.
This is where TechBridge comes into play. We help you to identify and evaluate the right startups to set up successful partnerships and/or investments.

Startup Scouting
for Corporates

Startup Scouting Process Step One

Internal Setup

Identify problems, needs and areas of interest

Support finding the key people within the corporate to help drive innovation forward

Setup initial offering for startups (assets versus reality)

Startup Scouting Process Step Two


Identification of new cases through own database, network, events, and research

Check for industry and market

Startup Scouting Process Step Three


Assessment of executive summary, team, USPs, and peer benchmarking

Check for product and strategic fit with current or future products and services

Startup Scouting Process Step Four


Standardized project submission in 2 phases

Phase 1: Overview of startups

Phase 2: More detailed information of relevant startups

Active startup scouting approach

to find the most suitable startups and technologies

Startup Scouting

We are actively scouting in all of the startup hubs of Europe and also Israel with the goal to find the best startups to set up partnerships and/or investments for our clients.

Trend Scouting

We are also scouting for trends in the area of New York, Boston and San Francisco to make sure that our clients are informed about the latest trends and what will happen in the near future.

Our Clients


We have the privilege of working together with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly. The key to our client service is technology-based scouting, our large network of startup scouts around the world and also the experience in working for both worlds, startups and corporates.

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About us

TechBridge GmbH was founded in August 2014 with the goal to build a bridge between corporates and startups.

Our headquarter is located in Zurich. We work very closely with local scouts in all major cities in Europe and Israel to deliver the best scouting results for our corporate clients.

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